About Us


Center of language and culture UM is one of the language centers in UM to support teaching and learning foreign languages. This center is organized by Faculty of Letters, UM under the command of the Dean of Faculty of Letters. The instructors are the respectable lectures at Universitas Negeri Malang and creditable alumnae. They will assist the learners to underpin the issues within their learning process to fortify their language skills. This center reinforces learner’s skills to a certain degree for language test preparation.

There are some programs which are:

  1. Foreign languages Test Preparation such as TOEFL preparation, IELTS Preparation, General English, Arabic courses(Maharatul Lughah Al ‘Arabiyah) and Deutch.
  2. Language testing: IELTS Test, ITP TOEFL, English Proficiency Test, and Ikhtibaratul Lughah Al ‘Arabiyah (Arabic Proficiency Test).
  3. Legal translation documents such as, birth certificate, marriage certificate, documents for scholarship purposes and other documents.